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GoPro HERO 12 Review – Is it Worth Upgrading in 2023?

Gopro Hero 12 Review Black Camera Front On

Well it’s another year, which means another update to the world’s favourite action sports and lifestyle camera. But how does the HERO12 compare to the previous models? We’ve been busy putting the new camera to the test to bring you our comprehensive GoPro HERO 12 review! We check out what all the new features of the 12 are, what improvements have been made and give our honest opinion on whether or not it’s worth upgrading to a GoPro HERO12 Black.

Almost everywhere you go now, from backpacking in small villages in Africa to sailing the Galapagos or kicking back in a resort in the Caribbean, you’re likely to find somebody rocking a GoPro.

The legendary camera company has gone from being a revolutionary product for extreme sports athletes to capture unique visuals to being the kind of accessory your parents might throw in day pack to go on a stroll through Paris.

That’s not because GoPros are now ‘trendy’. It’s because GoPro cameras are incredibly versatile and user-friendly while boasting insane quality.

It’s a lifestyle brand as much as a camera company.

We picked up our first GoPro, the original GoPro HERO, way back in 2010 to film ourselves and our buddies snowboarding in Canada and have personally used and reviewed every single model of camera the company has brought out ever since.

We’ve loved watching the progression, and our day-to-day use for the little pocket cameras has evolved from something we only used for snorkelling and diving or action sports, to now being a product we use every day as professional travel photographers and videographers.

Yea, we love the products, and use them a lot more than most people. But that doesn’t mean every time they bring out a new camera we fall head over heels for it like a teenage girl at a Bieber concert.

That being said the latest camera is out, and just like we do every year, we’ve teared it apart and put it to the test to see if the company has changed the game or just tweaked it slightly.

In our expert GoPro HERO12 Black review we pull apart the specs to figure out what exactly has changed since the last model, personally test the camera in a variety of real world conditions and ultimately give an unbiased opinion on whether or not you should buy the camera yourself or upgrade from an older version.

Let’s see how they did this year…

They’ve done it again with another update that pushes the envelope for how can action cameras can go, but how does the GoPro HERO12 Black…

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