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Take a relaxing trip to Spain: The ultimate guide to ferry travel

Take a relaxing trip to Spain: The ultimate guide to ferry travel

Striking landscapes, world-class cuisine and rich history paired with diverse cultures make Northern Spain a must-visit, particularly for those looking to embrace a slightly slower pace than that of the busier, more bustling, Flamenco-filled southern regions. Steep green rolling hills are backed by rugged mountains, peppered with distinctive thatch-roofed hórreo houses; it’s a paradise for those seeking a tranquil, restorative escape.

If you’re a foodie, Northern Spain should definitely be on your travel bucket list; the area is renowned for its freshly-caught North Atlantic seafood, charred padron peppers, endless tapas and pintxos and some of the best steak in the world. But it’s not just the food that makes this slice of Spain so special, it’s also home to some of the most breathtaking nature in the whole country, with coastline walks fringed by mountain peaks and forgotten towns.

It all starts with a ferry

Travelling by ferry allows for a more tranquil start to your holiday – and stunning ocean views

(Brittany Ferries )

One of the best ways to reach this underrated sliver of Spain is via a slow travel trip by ferry. Start at one of the port towns of Plymouth or Portsmouth, and hop on board one of Brittany Ferries planet-minded vessels to the picturesque ports of Bilbao or Santander.

Brittany Ferries are committed to finding more planet-friendly approaches to travel via sustainable technology, from eco-steering software that optimises routes, and self-sufficient water facilities on-board. They have also invested in four liquefied natural gas (LNG) vessels, which include two ships powered by hybrid technology which are currently used on many of their Spanish crossings. As a result of their environmental approach, Brittany Ferries was one of the first companies to be awarded the ‘Green Marine Europe’ eco-label. They are also signed up to the Seafarer’s Charter, meaning their staff are protected in terms of pay, contracts, training, benefits, working conditions and medical care.

Travelling by ferry allows for an easier, more peaceful start to your holiday. Avoiding the hassle of busy airports and connections, you can focus instead on relaxing and indulging straightaway in the luxurious experience that Brittany Ferries offers, so your holiday starts the moment you arrive onboard, whether that’s on foot or in your own vehicle. The ships are all kitted out with modern amenities, stylish bars, superb restaurants and onboard entertainment,…

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