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The Rudest Casino Behaviors You Must Avoid

The Rudest Casino Behaviors You Must Avoid

You don’t have to be a big gambler to enjoy a casino visit every now and then. Whether you’re posting up at the blackjack table, trying your hand at slots or just supporting your Vegas-loving friend, there are plenty of opportunities for hours of entertainment.

But as with any social outing, it’s important to be considerate of others. And experienced casinogoers don’t hesitate to point out the common faux pas they see on the floor.

To help make casino nights more enjoyable for yourself and everyone else, HuffPost asked etiquette experts to share some common rude behaviors you should avoid in these spaces, and what to do instead.

Not Tipping Dealers And Servers

“Be generous with your winnings by tipping dealers appropriately,” advised Diane Gottsman, the author of “Modern Etiquette for a Better Life” and founder of The Protocol School of Texas. She added that a 5% tip is typical.

Others recommend tipping up to 10% depending on your winnings.

“For example, if you win $50.00 then $5.00 is acceptable,” said Tami Claytor, the etiquette coach behind Always Appropriate Image & Etiquette Consulting. “However, if you win $20,000, don’t feel compelled to tip $2,000. But do tip them. Considering some people stand during their eight-hour shift and are required to split their tips, it’s a lot of work. The reality of the job is not as glamorous as seen on TV.”

Don’t forget to tip the casino cocktail servers who bring you drinks on the floor as well.

“People occupying these positions are like all service workers, where the base salary is low and tips are taxable,” Claytor said. “A $2 to $3 tip per drink is acceptable, as the drinks are free, compared to the price of a cocktail purchased at the bar, which would be far more expensive.”

Having Your Phone Out

“There’ll likely be strict rules about using phones near tables, so best to just keep yours away,” said Nick Leighton, etiquette expert and host of the weekly etiquette podcast “Were You Raised By Wolves?”

Keep your phone out of sight in your purse or pocket. If you have to take a call, step away from the table.

“Don’t talk on your cell phone while playing,” Claytor said. “It’s disruptive to the other people around you. And don’t take pictures of people as they are playing.”

Putting All Your Stuff On The Table

Just as you shouldn’t have your phone out on the table, avoid covering the table with your stuff.

“Don’t place your belongings on the tables,”…

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