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21 Things To Do In Barbados For All Ages

bottom bay beach and palm trees

If you’re ready to pack your sandals and sunglasses and get enchanted by a Caribbean vacation, then you’ve come to the right place.

Barbados is the beating heart of the Caribbean and is where the rhythmic beats of calypso music and the tantalizing aromas of Bajan cuisine fill the air, and where unspoiled beaches allure you.

For a small island, 34km in length and 23km in breadth, there are so many things to do in Barbados for visitors of all ages.

If you’re not sure what to do in Barbados, then keep reading to see our favorite activities!

Is Barbados Worth Visiting?

“Woh, I’m going to visit Barbados, woh backa to the palm trees …”

Just the word Barbados sends us back to 1975 and the hit song “Barbados” by the British Band Typically Tropical.

A trip to Barbados conjures up images of swaying palm trees, turquoise clear seas, long silvery sandy beaches and cocktails at sunset, a tropical paradise in the Caribbean.

chairs and umbrellas on the beach

In 2016 CN Traveler voted Barbados as the number 2 most beautiful island in the Caribbean, and for good reason.

It boasts pure white sand beaches, a relaxed vibe, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and year-round tropical climate, so for these reasons and more, Barbados is a paradise worth visiting.

For three months we lived like a local enjoying all that Barbados had to offer.

It’s by no means a budget holiday, and most islands in the Carribean are expensive, and a Barbados vacation is one of them. Most goods are imported and even their fruit and vegetables are imported from the small island of St. Vincent nearby.

Things to Do in Barbados

Below are our tips on what to do in Barbados for kids, teens, couples, families and grandparents.

1. Visit Barbados Wildlife Reserve

 Green Monkeys in tree eating nut

Time your visit at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve for the 2pm feeding time, and children and adults will be thrilled to see the antics of some of the Green Monkeys.

They have been known to stand on the back of the tortoises at feeding time. These famous cheeky green monkeys and tortoises roam free through the reserve whilst caimans, iguanas and birds are housed in cages.

2. Take a night-time dive on a Submarine Tour

boat in the water

A 50-minute day or night-time dive with Atlantis Submarines takes you 160 feet to the bottom of the ocean just off the waters of Bridgetown the capital.

In our night time dive we saw colourful schools of fish, coral reefs and a shipwreck all under the powerful spotlights that Atlantis use.

Kids will love receiving their Atlantis Submarine…

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