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Best Time to Visit London (Weather and Costs)

London Bridge on A Sunset

Has London been on your mind lately? It’s always important to plan ahead so you know the best time to visit London based on the activities you want to do, and the attractions you want to see.

From the bright red telephone booths to the elegant Buckingham Palace, and so much more, there are endless things to do in London. So, grab your cuppa and read on for the full scoop on the best time to visit London, UK.

London attracts roughly 21 million visitors each year and peak season tends to be in summer (June to August). It’s important to note that each time you go, whether in December for the charming Christmas Markets or late March for the spring, there’s always something different and exciting going on.

London itself is a city of mild weather, both in the summer and in the winter. In the summertime, the temperature typically sits comfortably around 73°F when shorts and a nice T-shirt will generally do. Whereas the winters in London hover around 45°F, (make sure to pack a warm jacket!).

In the spring you can expect temperatures between 54°F and 64°F, and for those of you looking to travel in fall, you can expect temperatures of around 64°F. Learn more about the best time to visit England

Overall Best Time to Visit London

In terms of the best time to visit London, it’s generally considered to be between May and June; just before the peak summer season. September and October are also great months to visit since they are shortly after the busiest period. Not only are there fewer tourists but the temperature is still fairly mild.

I went to London in September, and I can confidently say it was much cheaper than I imagined. I was always under the impression that London is an extremely expensive city to visit and yes, it certainly can be, but I found things to be much more reasonable at the end of the season, especially day tours.

May – June can be great options if you’re looking to explore the city’s several parks. In fact, if you love the outdoors, or more specifically flowers and nature, enjoying the blooming displays at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a great way to spend a day in the city. The festival shows many unique flowers including London’s own wildflower, the Pasque Flower.

September – October are great options if you’re on a tighter budget. Since the summer rush is mainly over for the year, day tours, hotels, hostels, and tourist attractions tend to run on the cheaper side at this time as businesses try to sell what they…

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