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10 Incredible Things To Do In The Seychelles

Drone aerial view of La Digue Seychelles bird eye view.of tropical Island. mature couple men and women on vacation in Seychelles

The Seychelles Islands are pure paradise. For many, a visit to The Seychelles is a dream come true and a bucket list holiday destination.

When people think of this island haven, they think of soft, pure white sand, swaying palm trees, and crystal clear water, but there are so many more things to do in The Seychelles besides beaches.

Anse Patates beach, La Digue Island, Seyshelles,

The Seychelles Islands are a string of islands in a sparkling Indian Ocean, a thousand miles from anywhere and a stones throw south of the equator.

Most famous for being a honeymooners paradise, with world-class resorts and ample chances to spend quality time with loved ones, those wondering what to do in The Seychelles will find plenty of options.

In this guide, I share my tips on the absolute ‘must see’s’ for your visit.

Things to Do in the Seychelles

From exploring the popular beaches to sailing out to the other islands in the archipelago, make sure you don’t miss these top attractions in the Seychelles!

1. Hit Seychelles Beaches

rocky Beach in Seychelles
Beach in Seychelles

Ok, this was probably not a tremendous surprise. Seychelles has some of the finest beaches in the world.

Palm tree sway in the breeze and white sands lead to a turquoise ocean. But even here, there are beaches that stand out.

My two favourites are Anse (meaning bay in the local language, Kreole) Intendance, and Anse Lazio, which regularly features in surveys of the worlds best beaches.

Anse Intendance, is located on the Southern end of the main and largest island, Mahe Island, whilst Anse Lazio is located on the second largest island, Praslin Island (prah-len).

Another stunning beach on Praslin Island is Anse Georgette Beach, which is considered the second most beautiful beach on Praslin after Lazio.

These beaches should be on the itineraries of any beach connoisseurs trip to the Seychelles, although care should be taken at Anse Intendance as the sea can be a mite rough at certain times of year.

An honourable mention should also go to Anse Source D’Argent on the island of La Digue, where incredible granitic rock formations meet sea in an inspiring display of natural art.

If you’ve ever seen an advert set on a beach with beautiful rocks in the background, the chances are it would have been filmed here.

rocks on Anse Lazio Beach The Seychelles
Anse Lazio Beach, The Seychelles

Arguably the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles are the Beau Vallon Beaches, on the Island of Mahe, with the most popular beach being Beau Vallon Beach. This is widely…

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