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5 Spooky Ghost Tours in Tampa in 2023

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If you have a thirst for the paranormal or a desire to contact the dead, Tampa is your city. Whether it’s spooky season or not, taking a ghost tour in Tampa is always a great idea. There’s a surprisingly large amount of history in the city, accompanying ghosts and ghouls aplenty just waiting for your visitation.

Both vengeful and friendly spirits are said to inhabit Tampa Theater, the most notable being Foster Finley, a projectionist who met a grizzly end in the theater in 1965.

But that’s not all; the Florida Brewery Company houses the ghost of a Cuban man who loved his beer, while visitors passing the abandoned Old Tampa Book Company have often seen a man in a top hat staring back at them from the window.

I’ve tried all the top ghost tours in Tampa, and if the stories above give you goosebumps, I recommend booking a tour and exploring further. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet Casper the not-so-friendly ghost, or communicate with someone lost to the city’s rich history.

5 Best Ghost Tours in Tampa

Having tried many spooky tours over the years, I’ve come up with a list of the best ghost tours in Tampa. These tours offer you the best chance to spot something terrifying, with something slightly unique about each. From lighthearted walking tours to the darker side of the paranormal, these tours are a must-do whether it’s Halloween or not.

Go on, I dare you.

1. Tampa Terrors Ghost Tour By US Ghost Adventures

Wood and glass candle lanterns illuminates the way during a ghost tour

Probably one of the most unique ghost tours in Tampa is the Tampa Terrors Ghost Tour – it’s extremely popular for good reason. The great thing about this tour is that it starts at 8 pm, meaning you can grab something to eat before it begins. It creates the perfect ambiance for spooky goings-on.

I took this tour recently and really enjoyed it. I learned a lot about the haunted history of the area, with visits to paranormally active Tampa Theater, Old City Hall, The Courthouse, and East Kennedy Boulevard. Your guide will tell you about the ghosts that have been spotted in each location, and it’s near-impossible to prevent the hairs on your neck from standing on end.

Remember, this is a walking tour so comfortable shoes are recommended. While I didn’t see a ghost myself, I definitely felt like I was being watched several times; you can’t help but be super-aware of your surroundings and question everything you think you’re seeing and hearing.

Tampa Terror Ghost Tours Details:

2. The Official Downtown Tampa Ghost Tour

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