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10 Best Freelance Writing Courses in 2023 (Get Paid to Write!)

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Freelance writing is one of the best ways to make money remotely, and in this post, I’m going to list the best freelance writing courses available. I’m a freelance writer myself and I absolutely love the flexibility and freedom that this type of work provides me with, especially when compared with “traditional” (i.e. full-time, in-person) jobs.

Given the numerous upsides, a growing number of people (understandably) want to become freelance writers. The competition for good gigs can be fierce. Taking a freelance writing course online is an excellent way to grow your skillset, boost your experience, and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Freelance writing is one of the best online jobs and can be quite lucrative, so taking a good course is often well worth the investment. But, with so many online writing courses out there, it can be tricky knowing which one to pick.

10 Best Freelance Writing Courses

Work as a freelance writer and get paid while you travel the world

In this post, I’ll be reviewing some of the best freelance writing courses online today. These courses can all help you land your ideal digital nomad job as a freelance writer — which, take it from me, is one of the best ways to get paid to travel!

To make this post as useful as possible, I’ve covered a range of different price points when choosing the following online courses for freelance writing.

Other factors I’ve considered include customer reviews, comprehensiveness of the course, value for money, and the overall reputation of the provider. Plus, I’ve included the writing course online that I recently completed.

1. Becoming a Freelance Writer

knowadays becoming a freelance writer course modules
Module 6 from the Becoming a Freelance Writer Course that I recently completed

I recently finished taking the Becoming a Freelance Writer course by Knowadays. You can read my full review of the course here. In summary, though, it’s an excellent course full of useful, accessible material.

The course is structured well and is easy to follow. It combines extensive theoretical knowledge with several practical exercises that are all highly realistic and give you a good idea of what it’s actually like to be a professional freelance writer in the real world.

One of my favorite parts of the course is the module covering the practicalities of starting off as a freelance writer. It’s a goldmine of helpful advice and practical hints and tips covering everything from how to market yourself and exhibit your work to how to set…

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