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What is Bilt Rent Day? Everything You Need to Know

Nomadic Matt's Bilt Mastercard lying on a wooden table

Posted: 10/16/2023 | October 16th, 2023

The Bilt Mastercard® is my favorite travel credit card. It’s been making waves in the travel world as the only credit card that allows you to earn points simply by paying your rent (up to 100,000 points on rent per year), making it a must-have for any renter.

And while you can’t earn Bilt Points if you pay a mortgage, in all honesty, it’s a great card to have in your wallet even if you own your house, as it comes with several other standout features.

One of those features, which is unique to Bilt, is Rent Day.

Rent Day is Bilt’s alternative to a welcome offer. A welcome off is normally a one-time offer of a large number of points given to you in exchange for spending a certain amount of money on your card within a set time frame (usually the first 3-6 months).

Welcome offers usually equate to a free flight or free hotel stay(s) so they are used to encourage people to get a card and spend money on it. As such, they are a huge part of earning points and miles for free travel — one of the most important parts.

But Bilt doesn’t have a welcome offer. It has Rent Day instead, which, in my opinion, is just as good (if not better).

I usually advise against getting a new card unless it has a stellar welcome offer. But Rent Day happens 12 times a year, meaning that you have that many more chances to maximize your points earnings. It’s truly one of the best features of the card.

To help you maximize your points, here’s everything you need to know about Bilt’s Rent Day.


What is Bilt’s Rent Day?

For most renters, rent is due on the first of every month, making it something of a dreaded day. But Bilt aims to turn this day into one you can look forward to, with ways to earn more points (up to 10,000 bonus points) each time.

I’ll go over each of these in more detail in the sections below, but the main features of Rent Day are these:

  • Double earning capabilities on all categories (except rent payments)
  • Point Quest
  • Free rent giveaways
  • Unique perks that change each month (i.e. different ways to earn or spend more points)
  • SoulCycle Rent Day rides (complimentary SoulCycle rides)

There are only two things you have to do to make sure that you’re making the most out of Rent Day.

The first is one of the most important things to know about the Bilt card, which is that you must use the card at least five times each statement period to earn any points, including any earned on Rent Day. Once…

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