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15 Best Hikes in England in 2023 (For All Levels)

A group of mountaineers over the mountain at sunset.

While it may not be home to the highest peaks in the world, hikes in England still offer spectacular scenery and a peaceful escape from city life. The best hiking trails in England are, of course, subject to opinion, but I’ve been lucky enough to have hiked in many areas across the country and have garnered some favorites over the course of time.

As I currently live in Manchester, I’ve taken the opportunity to hike in some of the nearby areas of the Peak District, Lake District, and Lancashire. There are so many excellent day hikes around England that are easily accessible by train or bus, so you don’t necessarily need to have a car for some of the trails mentioned in this blog.

From serene trails taking in the quaint countryside to tricky terrain boasting stunning natural beauty, the country’s hikes offer a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a weekend getaway, read on to hear about some of the best hikes around England, suited to all levels and abilities.

15 Best Hikes in England

Best Hikes in England

I’ve lived in the UK for my entire life. Throughout that time, I’ve done more than my fair share of hiking, and have come to gather a list of preferred treks. For me, some of the best places to visit in England are the National Parks and the stunning countryside.

I’ve compiled this list of walking trails in England based on their level of ease (or difficulty), views, local history, and accessibility.

1. Mam Tor (Peak District National Park)

Mam Tor (Peak District National Park) with cloudy dark afternoon sky and a yellow sky caused by sunset rays with fences on the side and stones beside a tiled trekking way
Mam Tor

Situated near Castleton, Derbyshire, I consider Mam Tor to be one of the best hikes in England and the one I visit most frequently.

The route is accessible from the Edale side or Castleton. I’ve taken both routes and found that the Edale side is considerably more difficult as the trail is much rockier and has less of a defined path. The Castleton side has a stone-surfaced footpath, making it easier to navigate.

Mam Tor gets very busy on weekends and in the summer months, so I’d recommend getting there early or visiting on a weekday if possible. The scenery is gorgeous, with rolling valleys and lush landscapes on either side of the trail.

For something extra special, get an ultra-early start to watch the sunrise from the top of Mam Tor. I did the hike in winter and was blessed with pink-hued skies, plus, I bumped into some friendly cows beside the path. Note that it can get very cold and windy at the peak of…

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