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Ryokan Ochiairo Review – Is This Japan’s Best Ryokan? [2023]

Ryokan Ochiairo Review Walking On Grounds

In this Ryokan Ochiairo review we explore everything that makes this place, nestled in the mountains of the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, one of the best ryokans in Japan.

There’s a lot to love about Japan – the nature, the food, the people, the culture, the history and of course, onsens.

A true adventure around the Land of the Rising Sun will often revolve around these elements, with travellers of all backgrounds seeking an authentic experience that will remain with them long after they leave this incredible country.

And in a world filled with generic chain hotels and fast-paced stays, few places execute a journey of traditional hospitality quite like the iconic ryokans of Japan.

This is exactly what led us to the mountains of the Izu Peninsula – a search for this fabled Japanese experience.

Having journeyed through the heart of the country on multiple visits, we’ve had the privilege of soaking in the serene ambiance of a several ryokans.

These traditional inns, with ancient luxury designs of tatami floors and paper sliding doors, have always offered a window into Japan’s rich cultural tapestry.

Yet, our stay at Ryokan Ochiairo, heralded as one of the most exclusive and beautiful in the entire country, was unparalleled.

Alesha enjoying a walk through the blissful grounds of Ryokan Ochiairo.

While we’ve been captivated by the charm of other ryokans, Ochiairo Murakami presented a blend of tradition and luxury that was distinctively its own.

From the intricate craftsmanship of its rooms to the rejuvenating hot spring baths, every detail seemed to echo a commitment to authenticity and excellence.

As seasoned travellers, it’s rare for us to be taken by surprise.

But this ryokan did just that, and a new benchmark has been set for our next trip to Japan.

Ryokan Seating Area
One of the seating areas inside the ryokan.

Discovering Tradition in Our Ryokan Ochiairo Review

On our third trip to Japan we focused on the attractions and landscapes of the Shizuoka Prefecture, and each day offered an insight into a slower pace of life.

We rode around the wasabi farms of Izu Peninsula, picked fresh tea leaves from plantations in the Hamamatsu mountains and sampled the varied cuisine of this rural paradise.

The pinnacle of our journey though was spending the night in Ryokan Ochiairo, a place as legendary as it is luxurious.

This our Ryokan Ochiairo review, where we delve into the history, accommodation, hosts and cuisine from our stay.

Does it live up its high…

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