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12 Most Relaxing Vacation Spots in the World

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Much of the time, my ideal escape from everyday life is a busy, adventurous trip. It could be hiking to beautiful spots in the great outdoors, exploring new cities or remote villages, or simply having a ton of fun in a big city like Las Vegas. But more and more frequently, I find myself searching for relaxing places where I can simply sit back, indulge, and not do much at all, returning to the real world feeling refreshed.

There are all kinds of relaxing destinations around the world where busy people can enjoy some self-care. From empty mountaintops and pristine beaches to quiet wildernesses and small cities, there’s really a relaxing vacation spot for every type of traveler – except those looking to party or be busy!

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the best relaxing vacation spots in the world, plus stumble upon some lesser-known places that may even be better than the iconic ones. Peaceful spas, rejuvenating wellness retreats, and awe-inspiring natural beauty are some of their allures. Read on to see where you need to go next to get away from it all.

The World’s Most Relaxing Vacation Spots

1. The Greek Islands

Palaiokastritsa Scenery
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Starting out with the Greek Islands seems appropriate since there are several hundred of them to choose from, and they represent one of the most iconic Europe trips one can take. Of course, if you head for a party island like Mykonos or Paros, or even one of the Instagram-famous ones like Santorini, your stay will not be very relaxing.

It’s the others, including dozens of hidden gems, that will be peaceful and perfect. Look to Folegandros or Kimolos in the Cyclades for those beautiful whitewashed buildings and blue-domed churches with a fraction of the crowds. Ionian islands like Kefalonia and most of Corfu also have some amazing scenery to admire from the comfort of your pool or beach, as well as spas to relax at.

All of these will reveal secluded beaches, delicious food, fantastic places to stay, and fun things to do. My favorite place to decompress in the Greek Islands is the adults-only Domes Miramare, a beautiful resort on Corfu on centuries-old olive groves and a private beach. There’s an amazing spa, multiple pools, and a water toy rental place down the beach for some relaxing paddle boarding across the calm morning sea.

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2. Prince Edward Island, Canada

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If you can’t go

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