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Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Top End Australia!

car On the road to Cape Leveque, Western Australia

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The Top End Australia is a dry, barren region that’s most famous for its hot and humid climate, gorgeous national parks, ancient aboriginal heritage, and, we’re sorry to say, flies.

We spent four months traveling around the region, and there wasn’t a drop of rain, not even a hint of it with a single wisp of white cloud.

Temperatures are so hot you could happily strip naked and walk around town, or fry an egg on your cars bonnet.

The region, known as Australia’s Last Frontier, is endless miles of red dust, spinifex grass, ecucalyptus trees, floodplains and grasslands, and grazing Brahman cattle, but every now and then, a hidden gem pops up.

This region offers a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and adventure.

From the modern capital city of Darwin to the stunning Kakadu National Park and the picturesque Katherine area, the Top End is a land of unspoiled landscapes and diverse ecosystems.

But if you’re planning to visit Australia’s Top End and not sure what it is, where it is, or what to do there, then keep reading to find out.

What is the Top End of Australia?

people walking through a grass field
Arnhem Land

The Top End of Australia refers to the northernmost section of the Northern Territory, encompassing a vast peninsula at the top and middle of the continent.

Although it has never had a start or end point officially defined, it’s estimated to cover around 245,000 square kilometers (95,000 square miles), extending into Darwin, Arnhem Land, Arafura Sea, Gulf of Carpentaria, and past Kakadu National Park.

Many Australians would also refer to the entire top half of Australia as the Top End in generalized conversation. That would be extending from Cairns, through the Savannah Way in the Queensland Outback on one side, and through the Kimberley to Broome Western Australia on the other!

With its tropical climate, high humidity, and two seasons (aptly named wet and dry season), the Top End is rich in flora and fauna, as well as Australia’s native wildlife such as the notorious saltwater crocodiles.

Where does the Top End start?

people on the beach watching the sunset

Most people associate the starting point of Top End Australia as Darwin, the largest city in the Northern Territory.

The region also includes the towns of Palmerston and Katherine, and stops before it reaches the town of Alice Springs, which belongs to the Red Centre of Australia.

The Top End also…

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