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23 Charming Things to Do in Switzerland in Winter

23 Charming Things to Do in Switzerland in Winter

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Crystal clear mountain lakes, snowy mountains, fresh air, the smell of melted cheese and mulled wine, picture postcard Winter scenes, and let’s not forget about the chocolate – lots of chocolate! Welcome to Switzerland in winter!

Cliche alert! Switzerland in winter is like a Christmas card. This has been written so many times, but it’s true! And I don’t mean one of those cards with a photo of Uncle Harold and Auntie Barbara in front of their Christmas tree with a glass of wine wishing everybody a Merry Christmas. No, I mean the ones with a drawing of a wintery village under a starry night, clusters of little houses with yellow lights in the small windows and puffs of smoke rising from the chimneys, and red mailboxes with a robin on top. You know the cards I’m talking about!

If you could jump into that Christmas card, that is exactly what Switzerland in winter is like. Ok, it’s not exactly – mailboxes are actually yellow in Switzerland. But you get the point! You can experience all this and much more. All you need to do is get on a plane and fly to this alpine paradise. Don’t go before reading this guide though, because it’s full of amazing tips from someone who’s lived in Switzerland for 8 years!

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The Perfect 5-Day Switzerland Itinerary

bern switzerland in winter
Bern in winter, a soft blanket of snow covering the city. (Photo Credit: Switzerland Tourism & Jan Geerk)

Travel tips for visiting Switzerland in Winter

Planning a trip to Switzerland in Winter? Check out these travel tips before you book your trip!

How cold does it get in Switzerland in Winter?

It’s hard to imagine looking at the snowy mountains, but Switzerland has a moderate climate. That means it generally doesn’t get excessively hot, cold or humid. That also means that there are exceptions: I’ve experienced -18ºC (3ºF) in the city of Geneva in Winter and 36ºC (100ºF) in Zurich in summer.

The average temperatures in Switzerland in summer range between 18 and 28°C (65° – 82°F) and -2 to 7°C (28° – 45°F) in Winter. In spring and autumn temperatures are somewhere between 8 to 15…

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