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Video shows ‘terrifying’ moment water gushes through cruise ship


Cruise ship passengers were shocked to wake up and find water flowing in through the ceiling of their room while at sea on a recent voyage.

A TikTok user named Amber posted a video that shows water flooding the deck of the Carnival Radiance, which has a capacity of almost 3,000 passenger. Bemused travellers can be seen looking on, seemingly attempting to save their possessions from getting soaked.

At the time, the ship was sailing off the coast of California.

Her video, posted on 17 October, has been viewed more than 10 million times. The caption reads:“Our room flooded on carnival cruise radiance. It’s been 4 hours and no one has came and spoke to us”.

A later video shows crew members attempting to clean up the mess, while Amber shows the damage done to her room, with water covering most of the floor. Someone mentions that the power seems to be out, and Amber can be heard saying that “everything is destroyed”.

“At 2am we were woken up with water gushing into our room from the ceiling. It was absolutely terrifying,” reads the caption.

In a different Facebook Reel video, fellow passenger Ryan McGuyer posted a similar scene, with crew members investigating the problem. He wrote that “we had over a foot and a half of standing water in the room. It ruined everything.

“That was our first cruise, our kids are traumatised and will never want to go on another.”

The cruise ship , which underwent a $200m dollar refurbishment in 2020, also offers trips to Hawaii and parts of Mexico, all of which leave from Long Beach in California, reports

The Independent has contacted Carnival Cruise Line for comment.

A spokesperson for Carnival told the i that the flooding was caused by “a burst water line” and affected “an area of the ship that accounts for less than two per cent of its staterooms.

“The ship’s team members cleaned the area and the pipe was fixed.”

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