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Where To Stay In New York – Best Neighborhoods And What’s There

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There are so many unique places to visit in the United States, with destinations for every traveler. If you are looking for a beach-centered holiday, you will likely choose Hawaii, but for an iconic getaway, the place to be in is New York City. 

A popular destination like no other, you might feel like you know New York even before stepping into the city as it is featured in countless movies. To have the best vacation, you must carefully plan where to stay in New York.

To help you plan your stay in this not-to-be-missed city, we prepared this guide so that you can better navigate New York’s many neighborhoods and choose the ones most adapted to your travel needs. We will also lay out the top attractions of each neighborhood and share useful travel tips.  

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Here’s what we’re covering:

Where To Stay In New York

New York is a huge city comprising five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The best neighborhoods in the city for accommodations are in Manhattan, as it is where the majority of the tourist attractions are. 

In this “Where to Stay in New York” guide, we’ve included a detailed breakdown of Manhattan’s best districts plus a bonus neighborhood, Brooklyn, so you can easily choose your favorite one.

The main neighborhoods of New York

Here’s an overview of the best places to stay in New York for a top-notch vacation.

1. Midtown Manhattan – This neighborhood is as central as it gets and features the city’s most famous attractions, from Times Square to the Empire State Building.  

2. Financial District – Revolving around Wall Street, the area is rather tranquil and boasts the unmissable Ground Zero and the ferry to get to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

3. Greenwich Village – This neighborhood is at the center of the city’s LGBTQ+ history and battle for rights, and offers amazing cultural opportunities and movie sets.

4. Upper West Side – This gorgeous residential area’s shiny star is the iconic Central Park.

5. Harlem – The historic Afro and Latinx neighborhood, Harlem is the spot in the city for an authentic cultural experience centered on art, music, and food. 

6. Brooklyn – Connected to Manhattan by the iconic…

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