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Explore Burnham Park: A Historic Urban Park in the Philippines

Burnham Park gate by Patrickroque01 via Wikimedia cc

Burnham Park: A Guide to Baguio’s Green Oasis

Burnham Park is a historic urban park located in downtown Baguio, Philippines. It covers an area of 32.84 hectares and was designed by American architect and Baguio city planner, Daniel Burnham. The park is named after him and is considered to be the “mother of all parks” in the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Burnham Park gate By Patrickroque01 – Taken using my own camera EOS M100, CC BY-SA 4.0, cc

With its central location, Burnham Park is the most valuable piece of Baguio real estate. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, offering a refreshing escape from city life. The park features a variety of attractions, including a playground, skating rink, rose garden, picnic grove, orchidarium, Igorot Garden, Melvin Jones Grandstand, Athletic Bowl, Japanese Peace Tower, Pine Trees of the World, Sunshine Park, and Baguio Museum. Visitors can also take a boat ride on the lagoon, which has boats that look like swans.

History of Burnham Park

Burnham Park covers the only large expanse of level ground within hilly surroundings and was designed by American architect and Baguio city planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham.

Daniel Burnham was an American architect and urban planner who was responsible for the design of many cities in the United States, including Chicago and Washington D.C. He was hired by the Philippine government to design the city of Baguio, which was then the summer capital of the Philippines. Burnham’s original plans for the city included a central park, which eventually became Burnham Park.

Construction of the park began around 1904, and it was completed in 1925. The park was named after Daniel Burnham, in honor of his contributions to the city’s design. Burnham Park is a manifestation of the City Beautiful movement, which was a reform philosophy of North American architecture and urban planning that flourished during the 1890s and 1900s.

The park is home to a picturesque lake, vibrant gardens, and diverse amenities, and it has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Burnham Park covers an area of 32.84 hectares and is divided into 12 clusters, each with its own allure. Visitors can enjoy activities such as boating, biking, and picnicking within the park.

Geographical Location

Burnham Park is situated in the heart of Baguio City, the summer capital of the Philippines. It is located in Benguet province, in the Cordillera…

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