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The 8 Best Compact Cameras For Travel In 2024

4 cameras from canon sony and lumix

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If you are looking to find the best compact camera for traveling, then you’ve likely discovered there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of options to choose from.

We know that the process of finding the best camera can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and maybe even a little confusing if you’re not sure what to look for.

But with over 20 years of travel under our belt, we’ve been through several compact point and shoot cameras on our travels over the years, and have prepared this guide of our absolute favorites so you can find the right camera for you.

The best point-and-shoot digital camera will need to be lightweight, that literally fits in your pocket, whilst also have the capacity to take perfect photos that really captures the memories.

Here’s our top recommendations…

Is it worth getting a compact digital camera for travel?

child taking photos of bison on side of the road
Savannah with her sony point and shoot

If you have any upcoming vacations or special moments, and you typically capture your photos on a smartphone, or perhaps you’re looking to downsize to mirrorless cameras from an interchangeable-lens camera, a compact digital camera can be a nice upgrade.

These pocket-size cameras are not bulky like a DSLR and can fit into a jacket pocket or handbag, meaning it’s easy to take anywhere with you.

Because it has a fixed lens, there’s no need to worry about interchangeable lenses and worrying about which lens to use for which shot.

I know how precious your travel memories can be, our motto has always been accumulating memories not just possessions, and we like to do that through travel.

If you’re over snapping selfies and prefer to snap images of a pretty sunset, capture moments from your camping trips, or just playing on the beach with your kids – then having a point a shoot camera at your disposal will allow you to capture those special moments.

So yes, getting a point and shoot camera is definitely worth it. To prove my point, here are some other major benefits of compact cameras:

  • Easy to pack for travel, since you can fit it in any travel backpack or even a pocket.
  • You can capture anything; portraits of your family, landmarks in the distance and virtually everything in between.
  • Most compact cameras have a flip screen nowadays, allowing you to take selfies.
  • Easy to use (they are called point-and-shoot for a reason) but also offer…

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