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A Visitor’s Guide to a Mindful Maui Trip

Kihei, HI, United States

Photo by James Wheeler

Known for its breathtaking beaches and tropical landscapes, Maui is a beautiful island and the second largest one in Hawaii. Unfortunately, a recent wildfire has swept through West Maui, destroying thousands of acres of land and devastating a large population of locals. While many tourists had gotten the message of staying off of the island as a sign of respect during the immediate aftermath of the disaster, Maui officials and locals alike are now asking visitors to return to help boost their economy. US Senator Brian Schatz took to social media to clarify that Maui is not closed off to visitors. He also encouraged everyone planning trips to Maui to push through with their plans and those wanting to visit to consider exploring the Southern parts of the island.

If you are one of these people on their way to visit Maui, be sure to remain mindful by respecting locals who have been through this tragedy. Below is a guide on simple ways you can observe this mindfulness for the culture, the environment, and the people during your Maui trip.



Being the second largest island in Hawaii, having reliable transportation is a necessity to be able to navigate the area. Luckily, renting a car at Maui airport is very accessible for visitors. It is also highly recommended as car rentals are customizable depending on the visitor’s needs, whether smaller economy models or larger SUVs and vans. Additionally, all-electric vehicles such as Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf, which do not create tailpipe emissions, are available for those who want to take advantage of a greener option and help preserve Maui’s environment. Through the simple act of utilizing this business’ services, you are not only provided with value-for-money transportation throughout your stay, but you are also helping Maui’s economy by bringing in revenue and keeping people running the business employed.



When looking for hotels or vacation rentals in Maui, be sure to research whether they are implementing eco-friendly practices. Many of these accommodations, such as Maui Coast Hotel Kihei, are working to reduce their carbon footprint through various ways such as using solar power panels, investing in energy efficiency appliances, providing free bicycle use for guests, and many more. Staying at these eco-friendly hotels and vacation rentals will help you offset your…

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