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What Is Truck Camper Center Of Gravity?

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If you’re going all in for a truck camper, as a first-time RVer, one of the most notable specs is the truck camper’s center of gravity. You’ll see it on every new or used truck camper online, just like GVWR and towing specs on other types of RVs.

While it sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, it’s really not that complicated. It’s not a term that’s prevalent among other RVs because It’s intrinsic to truck campers only.

Put simply, it’s where most of the weight resides, the primary point of the entire truck camper’s fulcrum. It’s necessary information to have for a number of reasons.

The truck camper’s center of gravity determines what kind of truck will handle it, how you go about packing your camper, and how you will ultimately drive the truck.

It’s like being on a skateboard, a bicycle, or a standup paddleboard. Before you achieve maximum efficiency on any of those recreational items, you have to determine and get a feel for your center of gravity.

What Is A Truck Camper’s Center Of Gravity?

The truck camper’s center of gravity is the exact point inside the truck camper where the vast majority of the weight is centralized.

It’s the point you stand on when you’re on a surfboard or even a motorcycle. The dynamics of the vehicle may change, but the center of gravity is an exact point on all of them.

This makes sense when you realize that the point where the most weight rests is also the balance point of the truck camper. It doesn’t have to be directly in the center of the truck camper, either. In fact, most of the time, it isn’t.

If you measure and determine the exact center point of the camper, odds are good it’s not the camper’s center of gravity.

If you want to find the truck camper’s center of gravity, there’s a way to do that, which we’ll cover more in-depth below.

The point is that people have a tendency to associate a center point with the center of gravity, and that doesn’t work in this case.

Why Is Truck Camper Center of Gravity Important?

Not knowing the center of gravity puts your truck at extreme risk, to the point of becoming undrivable. Knowing the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Ratio), CCC (Cargo Carrying…

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