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The Best Gear for Travelers in 2023

A map, backpack, and other gear for travel

Last Updated: 10/30/23 | October 30th, 2023

What do you take on your trip? What do you need? As long-time readers know, I’m a fan of packing light. I don’t think you really need much when you travel. As a backpacker, I want to make sure everything I own fits into one bag. I often think people bring too much stuff when they travel.

I went to Costa Rica on my first trip overseas and I took with me the entire suggested packing list my tour company gave customers. I carried around so much stuff I never used. Years later, when I did my first backpacking trip around the world, I still carried so much, I ended up leaving stuff in hostels as I went.

But I also recognize everyone has different travel styles and needs. No two travelers are alike.

As you prepare for future trips and are wondering, “what do I really need to bring?”, I wanted to give you a list of what I view as practical and must-have items. These items won’t take up too much space, are incredibly useful, and will make your trip better.

Here’s my favorite travel gear:


Items Under $25

1. Travel Padlock

Master travel padlockSafety first! If you’re a budget traveler and plan on staying in hostels during your next trip then you’ll need one of these. Since most hostels use lockers, budget travelers need to provide their own travel lock if they want to keep their stuff secured. While you can usually rent or buy them at hostels, it’s much cheaper just to buy one before you go.

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2. Travel Adapter

travel adapterAs many travelers have learned, it’s incredibly frustrating (not to mention inconvenient) to arrive at a new destination only to realize you can’t charge your phone or computer because the electrical outlets are different. That’s why you’ll want a travel adapter. They’re a simple accessory but a necessary one if you’re visiting different regions of the world. This is one I personally use as it covers every region of the world (and comes with USB ports too). It’s affordable, easy to use, and lightweight.

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3. Packing Cubes

travel packing cubesPacking cubes are essential if you’re going to be living out of a backpack for a few weeks (or months), or you just want to keep your suitcase better organized. They come in a variety of sizes, allowing you to store items big and small. They’re great for making it easy to find everything in your backpack or suitcase.

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4. Earplugs

travel ear plugsAnyone who has ever stayed in a hostel knows that earplugs are a necessity….

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