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Where To Stay in Lisbon: A Complete Guide For Your First Visit

Where to sta in Lisbon Guide Avenida da Liberdade

For hilly streets and coastal views, a stay in Lisbon is precisely what the doctor ordered. We spent 3 days in this incredible city and got to explore a lot of its best areas and neighborhoods. Lisbon is the Portuguese capital and has long been loved as a city getaway in Europe, but it is not only for Europeans. We loved it too! The city is full of pastel-colored buildings and cobblestone streets and has an amazing location for day trips. In short, Lisbon is a superstar when it comes to European getaways, and if you are visiting Lisbon, be prepared for beautiful views and tons of culture.

And naturally, this means it is just a fact that the city has tons of beautiful neighborhoods. So, which of the Lisbon neighborhoods should you choose? When wondering where to stay in Lisbon, there are plenty of options. After spending time in the city you can see that it may be a little confusing for the first-time visitor. Fear not, that is what we are here for. We will let you know if it is best to base yourself along the Avenida da Liberdade, or if is it better to be more centrally located in the Baixa district. Picking the best Lisbon neighborhood is an exciting choice and we are going to give you our first-hand experience so you can have an easier time in this beautiful city.

Where to Stay in Lisbon: Our Complete Guide on the Best Places To Stay

This guide will cover where to stay in Lisbon, including the best neighborhoods for the main tourist attractions and different atmospheres. It is easy to see why Lisbon is such a famous city in Portugal; just look at its sense of personality, strong culture, and beautiful waterfront location. Whether you want tours, nightlife, or attractions, Lisbon has many neighborhoods to match your ideal holiday. Here’s our introduction to where you should stay in Lisbon.

1. Baixa

Upscale hotels in the Baixa neighborhood

Baixa is where it is at if you are looking for the tourist scene in Lisbon. The compact neighborhood in central Lisbon is the city’s hub – with all things tourist attractions dotting its narrow streets and pedestrianized shopping areas. Think souvenir shops and delicious but pricey restaurants, and you’ve got a great idea of what an afternoon in Baixa is like. This Lisbon neighborhood is what comes to mind initially when asked where to stay in Lisbon. It is the Lisbon city center, full of things to do and see. And everyone has got the memo to pay a visit to the Baixa neighborhood.

Where to stay in Lisbon Baixa Pink Street

So, what exactly is there to do and see in these busy…

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