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20 best travel apps to download in 2024

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A curated list of the best travel apps, from the latest tools that keep us connected to old favourites we’ve used for years

As travel writers who have been to over a hundred countries, we are often asked about the best travel apps that we can’t do without.

For a long time, we stuck to old and reliable apps that performed basic functions like looking up locations or booking accommodation. These classics still serve a purpose but as technology has advanced, we’ve discovered a number of new apps that provide unique services perfect for travellers.

If you’re looking to refresh your travel apps, have a look at our curated list, gleaned from a hundred countries of travel and updated for 2024.

Best travel apps: our latest downloads

When we first started travelling, many of these travel apps didn’t exist. These days, we use them just as much as the golden oldies.

1. Nomad eSIM

Great for: Staying online and avoiding roaming charges
Get it: iOS, Android

Connecting to reliable and affordable internet on the road used to be a convoluted and potentially costly ordeal. Secure hotspots can be few and far between, data roaming can be eye-wateringly expensive and pocket wifi devices can be impractical.

Nomad eSIM eliminates the headache of buying a physical SIM card and is much cheaper. It works remotely, meaning you don’t have to remove your current SIM card so there’s no risk of loss or damage or losing your number. Instead, once you’ve chosen your package, all you have to do is activate a pre-installed eSIM profile on your device via their mobile app and you’re good to go.

Nomad eSIM works in over 165 countries, offers regional plans including Europe, North America and Asia among others and comes well-reviewed on Trustpilot. Most modern phones are compatible with eSIMs but you can check specific devices here.

2. Viator

Great for: Booking tours and experiences
Get it: iOS, Android

Viator is the leading marketplace for tours and activities with over 300,000 experiences available via their app. This includes everything from simple day tours to more extreme multi-day adventures.

As well as tours and trips, the app also features access to tickets offline, the ability to modify or cancel bookings and a messaging service for communicating directly with guides.


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