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Unmissable Stops On The Savannah Way Drive, Queensland

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If you’re planning on traveling between Broome and Cairns, there can be only way to do this – The Savannah Way.

The Savannah Way is a scenic road trip through, as the name suggests, tropical savannahs. It connects many of Northern Australia’s top destinations such as Borroloola, Katherine, Derby and more.

We originally thought we’d take a few days to drive The Savannah Way in Tropical North Queensland, and it would just be a few days of transit driving, stopping only for food and sleep.

We quickly realized this was no ordinary highway, and we had stumbled across one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

The Savannah Gulf region is a dry and barren place, yet on closer look, a thriving one.

If you’re thinking of driving the Savannah Way Drive, then keep reading to find out which stops you need to know about on this hidden gem road trip.

How Long Do You Need To Drive The Savannah Way?

A sign on the side of a dirt field saying Savannah way

The entire length of the Savannah Way is 3,700 km, which takes 40 hours without stopping.

Of course, you are going to want to stop and check out the sites, which is why we recommend spending at least two weeks on the Savannah Way road trip.

As well as stopping at the many attractions, it’s also worth spending a few minutes stopping at the many viewpoints to admire the landscape.

The Savannah Way is not short on, dry river banks, which are the perfect place to stop and contemplate what it must look like during the wet season when it’s completely full of water – and then some.

Imagining that water breaking the banks and rising up like the 1974 floods.

It will blow your mind. You just can’t imagine how it can go from bone dry to flooding with enough water to provide the needs of Australia and then some.

But that is this amazing Gulf country in northern Australia.

Our Experience On The Savannah Way Drive

Emus on The Savannah Way

We were kind of chuffed to be travelling along The Savannah Way with our own little Savannah.

We named her Savannah for two reasons: because we love the city in America, and because we love the African Savannah – a wild place.

Now she gets to meet her namesake in Australia, except this Savannah is filled with kangaroos and emus instead of man-eating lions.

There’s plenty of things here that will kill you though, from snakes to salt water crocodiles, and poisonous plants, so keep your wits about yourself.

The Savannah…

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