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AK Monthly Recap: October 2023

Kate takes a selfie while on a boat in the river in Oxford, a castle tower in the distance behind her.

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Some months are humbling. This one certainly was. After a month of near-constant driving lessons, I was ready for my test.

I aced the written test. Then I failed my driving test. Then I took a second driving test two weeks later — and failed THAT one, too.

I’ve got one more chance to pass the test. Just one.

Hoo boy.

Punting on the river in Oxford!

Destinations Visited

  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Dresden and Meissen, Germany
  • Oxford, Beaconsfield, Bray, and Watford, England
Kate and Charlie take a smiling selfie at Dunkin', holding up Dunkin-branded coffee and donuts.
When you marry a Masshole, you marry Dunkin.


I got some very good news from the Czech ministry of immigration. I can apply for permanent residency in April!!!

I had to make an emergency immigration visit this month (more on that below), and I found out several pieces of news.

First off — Charlie, though British, is considered an EU citizen in the Czech system because he got permanent residency before Brexit finalized. And because of that, he’s eligible to apply for Czech citizenship now (and he already passed the language test!).

It turns out that being married to an EU citizen gives you a LOT of perks. I can get permanent citizenship after two years of living here and one year of marriage to an EU citizen (not necessarily a Czech citizen) — not the customary five years. AND I don’t have to take the Czech language test for permanent residency!

But there’s more. Because I’m married to an EU citizen, I can apply for Czech citizenship after five years of continuous residency! I can apply in 2025 — five years earlier than I thought!! I will need to pass the citizenship language test (level B1), but I’ll be back to Czech lessons in January and plan on studying for years.

A round tower at Oxford University, on a green surrounded by a fence with lots of bikes locked to it.
Oxford was a revelation.

A lovely getaway to Oxford. Charlie and I go to his friend’s annual bonfire party in the UK every fall, and we’ve started adding on a bonus English destination. This year, we added Oxford, the university city that is one of the most popular day trips from London.

I really loved Oxford! The city has so much youthful energy, gorgeous architecture (many of the Harry Potter movies were filmed here), fun shops and markets, and a lovely riverside setting. I’m glad we stayed overnight so we got to see more than we would have on a day trip.

On the way back, we visited Bekonscot — a cute little miniature village that Charlie…

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