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11 Mistakes Travelers Make On A Long-Haul Flight

11 Mistakes Travelers Make On A Long-Haul Flight

On the list of ways people want to spend their time, sitting on a plane for hours on end is probably not very high. But long-haul flights are a necessary reality if you need to travel far.

“A long-haul flight can certainly be daunting and stressful,” Casey Brogan, a consumer travel expert at Tripadvisor, told HuffPost. “Airports and security lines definitely generate traveler anxiety, especially with new guidelines and ever-changing restrictions. But it is important to remind ourselves that the journey to get there is not the vacation, and relaxation awaits you.”

In addition to focusing on the positive light at the end of the tunnel, there are also many ways to make the flight a little more pleasant. An easy approach is to understand what not to do.

With that in mind, HuffPost asked travel experts to share the common mistakes travelers make when it comes to long-haul flights — and their advice for avoiding these pitfalls.

Wearing Uncomfortable Clothes

“The most common mistake people make on long-haul flights is not dressing properly,” said Phil Dengler, co-founder of The Vacationer. “Since you will be sitting in the same seat for six or more hours, it is essential to be as comfortable as possible.”

Avoid heavy and restrictive clothing and instead choose soft fabrics and stretchy garments for peak comfort and coziness. Wearing layers is helpful for the shifting cabin temperatures. And don’t forget to invest in some compression socks for health and comfort during long-haul flights.

“While I’m usually a proponent of dressing nicely on flights, the super long-haul ones are the ones where I see many people make the mistake of dressing too cute and then winding up uncomfortable,” said Gabby Beckford, founder of the travel site Packs Light. “I always get compliments on my flight fit ― matching top and bottom neutral sweats. Or, I recommend bringing a comfortable flight fit to change into once you reach a cruising altitude.”

In addition to wearing comfortable, stretchy clothes, you’ll also want to avoid wearing tight, restrictive shoes when you fly.

“Loosen the laces so you can slip on and off to get comfortable,” Brogan advised. “At the end of the flight, you’ll probably find that your feet have swollen. This is normal and another reason to choose comfortable footwear.”

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