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5 Ways Travel Bloggers Are Earning More Money Than Ever Before ($1 Million+/year)

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There’s been a lot of buzz lately around whether or not it’s worth it to start a travel blog in 2023, and whether or not it’s still possible to turn a travel blog into a business. It’s a lot different from the chatter surrounding the job just a few years ago.

As travel bloggers for over a decade, Dariece and I would be somewhat considered kind of “OGs” in the space. We lived through a time in this career when the buzz around travel bloggers was being picked up by huge media chains like CNN Money, Forbes, Time, and Business Insider.

Back when being a digital nomad was novel, Goats On The Road was featured on all of these sites!

The average person couldn’t believe that these crazy digital nomads were traveling the world and earning hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars from their blogs, and the news was eating it up.

Fast forward to today and people are starting to question the likelihood of success with a travel blog… and for good reason! We have the birth of AI, ad restraints, constant Google Algorithm updates, and a pandemic that halted the growth of pretty much every travel blog online.

So do travel blogs still earn money? They do. In fact, there are more millionaire travel bloggers than ever and there are more ways to earn money from a travel blog than ever.

In this post, I’m going to share with you exactly how these travel bloggers are earning a living through their travel blogs and how many of them have turned their blogs into 7-figure-per-year businesses.

Note: I have done independent research to find these figures and linked to sources wherever possible, but in some cases, I have access to statistics and data from my blogging circles and private blogging groups which I can’t link to or source directly here, so you’ll just have to trust me.

1. In Content Ads

You see the ads on this page? You see the ads on the pages of every website you love to read? You may find these annoying, but they can pay very well and they allow blogs like this one to continue offering free content, because there’s money to be made from ad networks like Mediavine.

Two mobile devices, a smartphone and a tablet, with ads displayed on their screens

How it works is, that once your blog gets to a certain level of traffic, you can basically “flick a switch” and turn these ads on across your entire website.

There are travel blogs online currently that are earning over $1 million / year from these ads alone. They literally earn this money while they’re sleeping. They could go on…

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