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Revealed: The Most Affordable City Breaks and The Most Expensive City Breaks in the World – Earth’s Attractions

Timisoara, Romania is the most affordable city break destination in the world

Do you like to go on city breaks? They are an excellent opportunity to discover a city – at least its main highlights and vibe. Read this article to find the most affordable city breaks and the most expensive city break.

I have included in this article the top 10 cheapest city breaks and the top 10 least affordable city breaks so that you can easily decide where to go next.

But before the top, I need to add an important note.

As you read this article on the best city breaks for the budget, you will see that they are from almost all continents.

Obviously, if you are from Europe, a city break in China or the US won’t be the best idea, as with the airfare costs, it will not be worth having just a city break in that city.

Similarly, if you are from the US, a city break to Indonesia won’t be as cheap for you as for someone visiting from somewhere else in Asia.

I also have to add that these top city breaks are from Bounce and are based on their City Break Cost Index. They took into consideration hotel room (price per night), the cost of a bottle of wine, the cost of a one-way local transport ticket, the price of a meal at a restaurant, that of a taxi ($ per km rate), and that of a draught beer – all resulting in a score (out of ten).

For each city, I have included a few reasons to visit and some attractions – so that if you do not know the city well, this would be a chance to see if you would consider visiting it or not. Let’s dive right in.

The first section is dedicated to the cheapest city breaks.

1. Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara, Romania

Tucked away in western Romania, Timisoara is a mid-sized city overflowing with beautiful public squares, ornate churches, diversified cuisine, and a dynamic arts scene.

Timisoara is the cheapest city break – and it was a surprise for me too, but I am proud that a city from my country ranks number one on this top.

Another plus for this city is the fact that it is the European Capital of Culture in 2023!

Timisoara, the “City of Flowers,” is a hidden gem in Romania. This charming city is known for its vibrant parks, stunning architecture, and rich history. Stroll through Union Square, where you’ll find the magnificent Metropolitan Cathedral and the colorful Baroque Palace. Don’t miss the stunning Union Square Orthodox Cathedral.

Why Visit Timisoara? It’s an affordable destination with a lively cultural scene and a rich historical backdrop, making it perfect for a relaxed city break. Plus, the…

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