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Seda Nuvali Tower 2: Your Next-Level Staycation Destination in the South 

Stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2

Stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2: A Haven of Comfort & Relaxation

Living in Santa Rosa for almost three decades now, I’m no stranger to the sly winks and nudges, with folks teasingly asking, “So palagi ka sigurong nasa Enchanted Kingdom, no?” (So you’re always at Enchanted Kingdom, huh?”

Now, while the allure of that theme park is undeniable, there’s a hidden gem in this charming suburb that I absolutely adore. Let me spill the beans on Seda Nuvali—where families find their happy place, the air is crisper compared to the busy metro, and relaxation is the name of the game.

Stay at Seda Nuvali Tower 2

Nestled in the heart of Nuvali, Seda Nuvali has been my recent choice for a staycation, and it didn’t disappoint. With its latest renovations, it has upped the ante, offering an experience like no other. Let me walk you through what the new tower has to offer.

Armand Angeles, General Manager of Seda Nuvali said, “As we unveil Seda Nuvali Tower 2, we take great pride in introducing a new chapter in our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality experiences,” He adds, “Our Lifestyle Hotel concept is redefining the boundaries between leisure and business, creating a space where every guest can seamlessly transition from work to play and back again. Our aim is to offer a sanctuary where tranquility, productivity, and the local charm converge. We look forward to welcoming guests to this remarkable destination in the heart of Nuvali, where every moment becomes an opportunity to craft cherished memories.” 

The New Tower: A World of Upgrades

Aerial Shot Seda Nuvali Pool
Aerial Shot Seda Nuvali Pool

Designed with business people in mind, Seda Nuvali’s new tower has truly set a new standard in luxury and created spaces for families. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a business retreat, this place has you covered.

The tower now features spacious suites, a stunning ballroom, and additional meeting venues that cater to various events. Need a workout during your stay? You’re in luck! The gym has been expanded and improved, providing you with a better fitness experience. Families will appreciate the addition of a children’s playroom and a Game Room to keep the little ones entertained.

For those moments when you’d rather relax in your room, Seda Nuvali has made it convenient for you. Just scan the In-Room Dining QR code found in your room, and you can explore a wide selection of Misto classics, all delivered…

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