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Under the Sea on the Atlantis Submarine, Cozumel, Mexico – Roaming Historian

Under the Sea on the Atlantis Submarine, Cozumel, Mexico – Roaming Historian

Less than 1% of the world’s population have been over 100 feet under water (at least according to Atlantis Submarine Cozumel, Mexico) and I joined that elite club when we went on a ride on a submarine in Cozumel, Mexico!

When looking at excursions for Cozumel on our recent Norwegian cruise, husband wanted to go on a submarine. He is mobility-challenged though, so that added another element to the planning. The description for the NCL Atlantis submarine Cozumel Mexico excursion stated that one “must be able to safely navigate backward through 12 steps ladder.” No problem! Jon needs a wheelchair for long distances—like from the ship down a pier to a taxi area—but he can easily climb ladders/stairs and get on/off tenders.

Despite the fact that, according to NCL’s terms, Jon wouldn’t have a problem, I wanted to make sure that someone (the bus or the Atlantis submarine company) could stow his wheelchair while he was on the boats.

I called Norwegian’s excursions desk and was met with what was growing to be a rather familiar refrain—no, we can’t accommodate your husband.

I pushed the matter stating that he was physically fit and could easily climb a ladder. But, once again, I was told, “no.” It seemed that when a modicum of ‘working outside the box’ was needed, the cruise line couldn’t accommodate us. It was one of my biggest complaints about Norwegian.

Not wanting to let my husband down, I was quite morose about not being able to take him on the one excursion he really wanted to go on when, serendipitously, I received an email about Shore Excursions Group. I checked out their website and found an identical Atlantis submarine Cozumel, Mexico excursion. And, hallelujah, when I looked at “restrictions” I saw that guests with limited mobility were welcome as long as they could climb a 12-step ladder backwards! The company even noted they would secure folding wheelchairs and walkers during the tour. I called to double check and, sure enough, Shore Excursions Group was happy to accommodate us.

Better yet? They were less expensive than the cruise-line tour!

Having secured tickets with a company willing to work with limited mobility individuals, we were able to enjoy a great adventure! We left Atlantis Submarine in Cozumel, Mexico in a tender that took us to the submarine. Watching the submarine break through the water was a thrill all in its own. After the previous sub-goers were offloaded, we were able to…

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