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9 Best Islands in French Polynesia To Visit

9 Best Islands in French Polynesia To Visit

Dreaming of an idyllic island paradise for your next getaway? Consider visiting the gorgeous islands of French Polynesia!

This island nation is located in the South Pacific Ocean, almost directly south of Hawaii. It first became an Overseas Territory of France in 1946 and is now a French Overseas Collectivity as of 2003. While these Polynesian islands definitely have a French influence, they have their own currency, parliament, and language – though a vast majority of residents also speak French.

French Polynesia is made up of five island groups consisting of islands, islets, and atolls. There are 75 inhabited islands – the most popular to visit include Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Nuku Hiva, and Fakarava.

Now, what makes this place the perfect destination for an island vacation? For starters, the French Polynesian waters are some of the clearest I’ve ever seen. It’s so easy to enjoy the colorful marine life, whether you’re just snorkeling, scuba diving, or jet skiing.

On land, enjoy the stunning landscape on an ATV tour while exploring breathtaking waterfalls, secret grottos, and so many incredible views. And, of course, if you’re staying in an overwater bungalow, spend the day in your own private oasis.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit French Polynesia several times, and it never disappoints. I try to visit a new island each time, but there are still many left to check off on my list. Let’s get into some of my favorite islands, along with some I’m still eyeing, on this comprehensive list of the best islands in French Polynesia to visit!

TL;DR Best Islands in French Polynesia To Visit

Island Highlights Pros Cons
Tahiti Teahupoo, Grottes De Maraa, Museum of Tahiti and the Islands Easily accessible, lots of accommodation options, lots of activities and things to do Most touristy, most crowded, you will need to rent a car
Bora Bora Mount Otemanu, many snorkeling spots, Matira Beach Epitome of luxury, very relaxing, lots of activities if staying at a resort Most expensive island, very few affordable accommodations
Hiva Oa Largest tiki statues in the Pacific, historic archaeological sites, diving at Kiukiu Point Rugged, very few people have visited, untouched natural beauty Not easily accessible, not many hotels
Rangiroa Domaine Dominique Auroy winery, scuba diving Best scuba diving in the world, not too remote, quiet and not crowded, friendly people No luxury accommodations
Moorea Tipaniers Beach,…

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