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How To Choose a Moving Company When It’s Time To Settle Down

Choosing a moving company wisely can save you a lot of money. (photo: Theo Dorp, Unsplash)

It’s not uncommon for a backpacker to come across a new country that changes your perspective on life so much that you consider moving there.

Logistically, moving to a new country comes with plenty of challenges, but how do you deal with them along the way? Below, we’ll get into that and more. Let’s get started.

Choosing a Moving Company

Choosing a moving company wisely can save you a lot of money. (photo: Theo Dorp, Unsplash)
Moving in Hong Kong (photo: Theo Dorp)

1. Consider Your Location

Where you’re moving is important because it affects the moving companies you can choose from.

When you’re relocating overseas, it can be a daunting task for any movers. Thankfully, services like Three Movers operating worldwide won’t have any issues.

Understand that overseas shipping can be expensive, especially if you plan to bring all your belongings. Consider selling off some items, such as furniture, to reduce the load.

If you’re moving domestically, shipping becomes much less expensive, and you can bring along most of your stuff for a more affordable rate. 

The longer the distance, the more it’ll cost, so try to get a few quotes to negotiate down the price for your big move.

2. Choose the Right Moving Service

Like all businesses, there are good and bad moving services. You want to look out for bait-and-switch pricing, which can often lead to 25% increases in price when the delivery driver arrives to handle your belongings.

Always vet your transport company by checking out the Department of Transportation’s website, Trustpilot, Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews, and any other review aggregator to check whether the moving company is legit.

Reviews can also be faked, so you mustn’t choose a company with ten reviews that are all five stars. A mix of good and bad reviews is typical, even for the best company, so use your best judgment.

If you’re going overseas, then it’s also essential you work with a moving company that knows the ins and outs of overseas shipping. You don’t want any problems during shipping, so always go with companies capable of fulfilling your order without any issues.

3. Insurance

Going from living out of a backpack to moving to a new country will bring its own set of problems. Avoid the most significant challenge by understanding the type of insurance coverage you’ll have for your belongings during transport.

Many transport companies use what is known as “reduced value insurance,” which means that you will only receive 60 cents per pound if anything happens to your…

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