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Which RV Trip Panner Is Better? – RVBlogger

Side by side comparison of RV Life and Roadtrippers

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For those not in the know, RV Trip Wizard and Roadtrippers are two popular trip navigation and organization apps that make plotting your next vacation a breeze. As with everything in the RV market, RV trip planning apps are highly competitive.

This is especially true when you throw in subscriptions or memberships, free trials, tiered packages, and everything else. When it comes to that level of competition, the differences lie in the subtle details—the kind of details that make or break an app.

These apps aren’t just for the retired RV lifer who spends the majority of their time on the road. They aren’t RV versions of existing navigation apps, either.

While a navigation app plots a path between point A and point B, offering suggestions along the way, these apps are RV-focused, with a lot more hiding under the hood than a traditional navigation app has to offer. However, only one can reign supreme. Or can it?

Read on for our opinion on which is better: RV Trip Wizard or Roadtrippers.

Are There RV-Specific Navigation Apps?

RV Trip Wizard and Roadtrippers qualify as RV-specific navigation apps. But, they are also so much more. They are two of the most popular RV-specific navigation apps on the market and today, we’re looking at both of them to determine which one is right for you.

Plus, the good thing about apps is that you can have as many as your smartphone will hold. It’s simple enough to give them both a try.

Some traditional navigation apps have RV navigation features or, at the very least, the ability to input RV-specific destinations the app will then pull up along the route.

However, the difference between Siri, Google, Waze, etc., on one end, and RV Trip Wizard or Roadtrippers on the other, is the RV lifestyle nature of the latter two.

Plus, the two RV planners on our comparison today are not the only RV-specific apps out there. They’re just two of the most popular apps for RVers! Apps like RV Trip Wizard and Roadtrippers focus heavily on navigational tools and destinations that apply exclusively to RVers.

These include campgrounds, your RV specs (this matters a lot more than you might think, at first), gas mileage specific to you, driving radius, cost estimators,…

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