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20 Simple Campervan Hacks to Make the Most of Your Van Life (2024)

20 Simple Campervan Hacks to Make the Most of Your Van Life (2024)

If you’re just getting started in van life and are looking for some campervan hacks and top tips to speed up your learning curve we’ve got you covered with this post!

No matter how long you’ve been living in a van it seems there are always tips, tricks and hacks to pick up along the way. Life on the road is full of beautiful moments. But there are many things to do to keep the wheels rolling and never enough storage space.

Taking care of business is a part of daily life. But it becomes especially important when your bed doubles as a dining area. The best van dwellers are always looking for van life hacks that save space, gas, or money.

Full-time living in a van is all fun and games until your grey water tank is full, the gas tank is empty and the storage cupboards are a bit messy and overflowing with things that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

We’ve made pretty much every mistake in the book. Each time we feel the agony of defeat on the road we remember that van life is all about learning to do a better job next time. And today, we’re going to walk through some tips and tricks we learned the hard way that now make life on the road easier.

A little bit of preparation makes a massive difference in van living. Every single one of these hacks may not work for your specific campervan life. But as long as you’re willing to put in the work and constantly tinker, you’ll make the most of your time in a van.

Top Campervan Hacks for Better #VanLife

While there are tons of great ideas out there for how to make van life better, the reality is that every hack comes with a tradeoff. There are no “right” or “wrong” ways to live in a van. In fact, there is no “better” or “worse.”

How you choose to live is simply up to you. And once you accept that you have and are learning to live your own way then you truly become a part of the vanlife lifestyle.

Here are a few hacks to get you started in the right direction.

Have the right gear.

Some of the best van life hacks are the ones staring at you from the top shelf. Storage space is a premium inside any campervan, so filling it up with junk is extra costly. This tip involves every aspect of life on the road.

The right van life essentials will work wonders in the long term – whether you’re shopping for camping, cooking, or day-to-day life in your rig.

Everything you put inside your car will be subject to blowing down the highway at the same speed as hurricane-force winds. Cheap…

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