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The 7 Best Vans for Van Living in 2023

The 7 Best Vans for Van Living in 2023

If you’re interested in getting started with van life and not sure how to find the best vans for van living, we’ll break down everything you need to know about choosing the best home on the road in this post!

When we first started researching the best van for van life we felt completely overwhelmed. We primarily saw several different types of vans out on the road and the more we began talking with van owners and touring different vans the more confused we became about which van would be right for us.

Choosing which van you want is the most important decision of your burgeoning van life so far. It’s one thing to think about taking the plunge to begin living in a van, but once you hand someone you met on Craigslist a wad of cash and drive away with their old van, there is no backing out.

Or, maybe you opt to buy new and feel even more pressure because anything you don’t end up liking about the van is 100% your fault for making that pick. Maybe you should have gone with the more spacious option or the one with a “boxier” fit instead of the first one available on the Facebook marketplace.

Choosing the best vans for van life is like shopping for a house and a car at the same time. Unless you’re a carpenter and a mechanic, you’re going to have to take a lot of people’s word about the quality of your purchase.

While we can’t tell you whether or not the van of your dreams has a faulty transmission, we can set you in the right direction by looking at a wide range of the best vans nomads have to choose from. Before you start planning the layout and loading up on all of the van life essentials you have to find the best van that meets a wide range of criteria.

The options we’ll cover below are all conversion cargo vans that account for the primary DIY favorites as well as most modern Class B RVs professionally outfitted. All the big names including Airstream, Westfalia, Winnebago and Coachman use these vans as the basis for their luxurious Class B RVs.

Some of the best vans for van life wound up here by accident. It doesn’t matter if these vans’ first purpose was cargo delivery, the mountaintop or soccer practice. All of them have found a second home in the van life.

We’ve spent years driving around and poking our heads inside the neighbor’s camper vans to get some inspiration. We can spot a roof vent from 3 blocks away and we’ve seen all sorts of buses, vans, cars, and trucks converted into second homes.

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