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6 Great Options for Best Battery for Campervan Living in 2024

Best Battery For Campervan Feature

Looking for the best battery for campervan conversion or upgrade? These are our top 6 picks for the best campervan battery. 

While living in various RVs over the past 4 years, we’ve learned that your house battery bank size is arguably the single most important part of your campervan electrical system. In fact, aside from your water system, it may be the most important feature in your entire van conversion!

But finding the right battery can be as challenging as finding the right van to convert. Determining how much battery capacity you need and whether you need multiple batteries for your battery system in your van conversion is no easy task. 

And then, choosing between flooded lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, AGM batteries and lithium-ion batteries is difficult because they are each at different price points.

Fortunately, we’ve had both good and bad experiences with various sizes and battery types of campervan batteries. We can help you understand which is the best battery for campervan living of all types and the criteria you should consider when setting up your battery bank.

Battery technology has improved drastically since we first set out on the road in 2018. And while we only had a few deep cycle battery options then, now there are all sorts of house batteries from which to choose.

We’re not going to run you around ten or twelve different options to make you choose which is the best deep-cycle battery for your power storage needs. We’re going just to give you 6 of the best RV battery options for any van, motorhome or camper on the road.

And to get things started, let’s share our top pick as our Editor’s Choice for best camper van batteries.

Editor’s Choice: Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery

The Renogy 100 ah AGM battery is an industry leader in terms of quality and efficiency. After bouncing around tens of thousands of miles with standard flooded lead-acid batteries we spent hours researching the best battery for an upgrade to our power system.

We came across these and haven’t looked back. They are sealed, so there is no maintenance or worries about tucking them out of the way.

And you can mount them in virtually any orientation safely. Plus you can draw them down to 40% of their battery capacity without doing any harm. You won’t be disappointed by these 100 Ah AGM batteries!

If you’re not looking to throw down on expensive lithium batteries OR you plan to spend a lot of time winter camping, AGM is your best bet!

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