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7 Simple Campervan Bed Ideas for Van Life in 2024

A Fixed Bed With Storage Underneath In A Camper Van

Looking for great campervan bed ideas for your van build? We’ve found 7 simple bed options that you can DIY easily and on a budget!

Many people in van life plan their entire van build based on the amount and quality of sleep they want each night. Thinking ahead, they want to know that after they’ve come home from a long day of hiking, biking, climbing, paddling and playing their bed will give them all the rest their mind and body need to prepare for the next day of adventure.

If you’re one of these people who value a good night’s sleep regardless of where you happen to be parked for the night, then having an idea of the campervan bed designs that are out there and the pros and cons of each bed style will help you decide how you want to build your van bed. 

We’ve found 7 primary campervan bed ideas as we’ve prepared to build our van and have gone back and forth between many of the options time and again because each one offers its own pros and cons. 

Read on to learn more about what you need to consider when planning your campervan bed design and take a look at each of the 7 top campervan bed options to see which may be best for you! 

The Best Campervan Bed Ideas for Your Van Build

It doesn’t matter which van you choose to convert, each of these bed designs can fit comfortably within the interior walls of your van. But when you get started planning your bed build, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before getting started.

Fixed Bed vs. Convertible Bed Options

There are two primary types of campervan bed options: the fixed bed and the convertible bed. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks we’ll cover briefly here before getting into the specific options.

Fixed Bed

Photo taken by our friends Andy and Laur @andyandlaur

A fixed bed, or platform bed, is generally what it seems. It is a bed that is permanently, or semi-permanently, built into the van itself. While there are camper van bed designs that allow for a portion of the bed to be converted, the general idea is that a fixed bed does not need to be converted before or after sleep.

These camper van bed designs allow you to keep the bed in place throughout the day, usually offering more room for storage space underneath the bed. More van dwellers build permanent beds than convertible beds because the pros are pretty substantial.

Pros of Fixed Beds

  • Permanently installed
  • Usually simpler to design and build
  • Does not need to be made daily
  • Storage underneath the…

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