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From tradition to tapas: discover the unending allure of Seville

From tradition to tapas: discover the unending allure of Seville

Due to its position at the southern tip of Europe, Seville has always been a cultural melting pot; a crossroads, and a port of departure and arrival for great journeys and discoveries. Today, Seville is a major centre of communications that connects the province with the rest of the world. There is always a means of public transport to take you to your destination, and there are numerous options for adventure in the towns and in the city of Seville.

Discover Enchanting Seville

An immense legacy waiting to be discovered

Explore the treasures hidden within the province’s streets, countryside, and museums

(Seville Tourist Board)

The monumental heritage of Seville’s 106 towns and villages is the richest in Andalusia, with almost 300 monuments declared Assets of Cultural Interest. We invite you to discover the province’s hidden treasures in our streets, countryside, and museums: archaeology, goldsmithing, architecture, mining sites, prehistoric caves, dolmens, museums, baroque treasures in churches and monasteries, Roman engineering… an immense legacy waiting to be discovered.

Art, feeling and tradition

Enjoy the many colourful cultural festivals that take place across the year

(Seville Tourist Board)

In the province of Seville, tradition is very much alive. Religion and festivity, rites and myths come together in a unique way in an explosion of popular culture.

Spring in the province of Seville has a special colour and smell, with the Seville April Fair and Holy Week in every town. Our towns and villages are filled with pilgrimages, processions, May crosses and country days, with deeply rooted agricultural traditions. In the province of Seville alone, around 80 festivals are held between the months of April and June. And the festivities continue into the autumn season, with bullfighting and flamenco festivals, theatre, film, and dance. Join us and enjoy the chapels and churches, the natural landscapes, equestrian traditions, and the cuisine of each town.

More than 300 natural sites and nature reserves

Beautiful wetlands and wildlife await visitors to Seville

(Seville Tourist Board)

Nature has been generous with the province of Seville. There are more than 300 natural sites and nature reserves, protected parks and landscapes, and natural monuments sculpted by the basins of the Guadalquivir and its tributary the Guadiamar, where the impact of centuries of human activity is sometimes on show. Here you’ll experience a special harmony with nature: wetlands…

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