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The 7 Best Campervan Coffee Maker Options for 2024

The 7 Best Campervan Coffee Maker Options for 2024

Looking for the best campervan coffee maker? These are our top 7 coffee makers for van life! 

Pretty much every day in van life offers something new. Sometimes you wake up in the mountains, other times in the desert or by the ocean. But one thing is constant – each day for most van dwellers begins with a delicious cup of hot coffee!

When we first got started living in a van we didn’t understand a whole lot about a whole lot. We knew to fill our living space with all the campervan essentials that every other van dweller would buy. Things like cups and cutlery, storage bins and magnetic spice racks were easy.

But when it came to figuring out the best way to brew coffee on the road, well it took a little more research.

We’re hoping we can line up the best campervan coffee maker options for you in this post to save you the hours of research we did searching for the best coffee machine for your setup.

There are numerous factors to consider, like the type of coffee maker, power usage, ease of use, required space, price tag, and, of course, how tasty the cup of joe ends up. The coffee machine market is quite diverse, with offerings in many different sizes and shapes.

But each product on our list meets our own personal expectations for what we would purchase if we weren’t already in love with the coffee maker we use today.

You’ll find that each option on this list has a power-consumption-first focus, meaning we understand that traditional coffee makers you may have had around the house draw a significant amount of power.

All but 3 options do not rely on 120-volt electricity. Those 3 made the list because they have power-saving functions that allow reasonable operation if you’ve invested in a decent battery bank and have a properly sized inverter.

Incidentally, the cup of coffee we brewed this morning, nearly 4 years after we first set out on the road, came from the same coffee maker we used on our first day on the road. It hasn’t let us down one time thousands and thousands of cups of coffee later!

On that note, let’s get into our favorite option and one we feel will serve coffee lovers of all kinds.

Our Pick – Aeropress Coffee Maker

Small and lightweight


Easy to clean and pack away

Best Product // Our Top Picks at a Glance

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