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The Best Campervan Heaters | 8 Best Ways to Heat Your Campervan in 2024

Campervan Heaters In The Snow

Looking for the best campervan heaters? These are our top 8 picks for heating your van in 2024. 

Although we are personally not big fans of cold-weather camping, there is something beautiful and serene about waking up surrounded by snow. That is, assuming you actually slept through the night and didn’t spend the whole time shivering!

Van life is all about adventure – both big and small. It opens us to the world by allowing us to live in and explore all sorts of places at various times throughout the year. And while you’ve likely packed away all of the camper van essentials and your favorite outdoor gear, having campervan heating is essential to being able to enjoy some of the colder nights.

Many campers love to visit snowy destinations in winter because the crowds are significantly lower at that time of year. Places like Banff, in the Canadian Rockies and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, are winter enthusiasts’ dreams.

But if you enjoy colder destinations you have to have a plan for staying warm. Both portable and fixed campervan heaters are the perfect solution if you enjoy the cooler side of van life.

Still, choosing the right heater is not easy. There are numerous factors to consider such as van size, fuel cost and consumption, safety features and heat output. Moreover, there are different types of heaters: air heaters, gas heaters, diesel heaters and wood-burning stoves.

When you add up all of the different options, there are loads of campervan heaters to choose from. But don’t get overwhelmed. Even though we personally do our best to avoid the cold, we still have methods of using a variety of the products we’ll describe below to keep us warm in the event we just can’t get away from the beauty of the mountains in fall and winter!

Note that as we dive deeper into the topic of staying warm inside a camper van, if you are at the planning stages of your campervan conversion be sure to study the importance of proper insulation in your van. Not only can it keep you warmer in the colder climates, but also you will stay cooler during the warmer months.

But if you’ve already properly insulated your van, then let’s jump right into our vote for the best campervan heater.

Our Pick – Mr. Heater Portable Propane Heater

Multiple heater settings

Automatic shutoff when tipped over

Fueled by multiple propane sources

Best Campervan Heaters

While there are lots of options to choose from, these are the best camper van heaters…

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