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The Best Campervan Solar Panels

The Best Campervan Solar Panels

Looking for the best campervan solar panels to power your van life? Here are our top 8 recommendations for the best camper van solar panels for your van. 

When it comes to van life, you’re going to find yourself in some truly remarkable and Instagrammable places in your van. One of the biggest joys in living a nomadic lifestyle is the ability to get off-grid to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. 

But how long you can stay there may end up depending on how big of a battery bank you have and whether you can conserve your power enough to not harm your batteries. 

Your power system is by far the most important consideration of any camper van conversion. And while you may have invested in some great batteries – either AGM or lithium – to store quite a bit of energy, keeping those batteries topped off is important for their long-term health. 

There are various options to charge the battery bank. You can charge it while driving, by shore power on camping sites, or at public places with a power outlet. And you can even run a generator to add power back into your batteries. But the best method to charge camper van batteries is a solar power setup.

Solar power is an efficient and environment-friendly option for charging the battery banks when you are not close to the shore power. The panels convert solar energy to electricity using photovoltaic cells. They are relatively inexpensive to purchase and install, need minimal maintenance and produce ample electricity at almost zero running cost.

Of course, even the best solar panels can be limited by the solar charge controller. So be sure to purchase the best charge controller to accompany whichever panels you decide.

Finding the best camper solar panels can be tricky. They are available in many styles, features, brands and prices. Considering the number of options, selecting RV solar panels is never easy.

So, we have narrowed down the options for you to the 8 best campervan solar panels. We’ll help you understand why these are the best to choose from and will describe what to look for in a solar panel before buying.

On that note, let’s get into our top pick for the absolute best solar panel options for your camper van conversion

Do note that with almost every one of our recommendations, there are larger and/or smaller versions of the panel available. For example, our Editor’s Choice is the 100W version of a panel that you may also find in 50W, 160W, 175W and even 200W versions. So once you…

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