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The Best Campervan Water Tanks

Gray Waste Water Tank Under A Van Chassis

Looking for the best campervan water tanks for your van build or upgrade? These are our top 6 recommended caravan water tanks. 

There is nothing exciting or sexy about a campervan water system. But as we all know, you can’t live without drinking water for more than a few days, regardless of how Instagrammably beautiful it is wherever you are camping and how great it is to be out in the wild away from everyone.

And even if you got into van life in the first place because you prefer off-grid living, there are other necessities for which you’ll need water. Washing dishes, grabbing a hot shower or even having a little water to be able to top off the engine coolant system in a bind can all be done with water from your fresh water tank.

But then you also need to consider your van’s water system as a whole when it comes to shopping for campervan water tanks. You’ll need a waste water tank for your grey water system as well as one for your black water if you have a toilet.

During your van build, you’ll have to consider your plumbing system and water pump for moving water from your freshwater tank to your kitchen sink and outdoor or indoor shower.

When we purchased our most recent motorhome, one of the first things we considered was replacing the drinking water tank that held our fresh water.

We love living off-grid. Between a robust battery bank and an incredibly powerful and efficient solar panel system, the only thing holding us back from weeks of camping off-grid was our tank system.

Ultimately, we kept the tanks we had for the time being due to where they were located and the difficulty in replacing them with anything any larger. However, when it comes to planning for our next van build, we’re putting our entire water system at the front and center of our decisions.

And we think you should too.

From having a freshwater tank large enough to support 10-14 days of boondocking to a greywater tank capable of holding every drop of wastewater, water storage is our top priority.

Then we can worry about which type of campervan toilet we want, where to place our tankless water heater and which sink and faucet we prefer to match the decor of the build.

But for now, let’s get into our top recommended campervan water tank, which happens to be the one we currently have installed inside our RV.

Our Pick – RecPro 40 gal RV Water Tank

40-gallon capacity is more than enough

BPA-Free so you can trust the water quality in the tank

Durable and rugged…

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