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12 Best Italian Islands To Visit – Hand Luggage Only

Best Italian Islands You Have To Visit (5)

One of the best things about Italy is how diverse the country is. I mean, you’ve got gorgeous lakes like Como in the north, the best Italian Islands to visit, and picturesque cities like Rome, Bologna and Matera, too.

Plus, that’s before we even broach the subject of gelato.

I know I harp on about Italy all the time, but with good reason. It’s gorgeous!

Now, although the mainland is stunning, so are the prettiest and best Italian islands that are just too good to miss.

From some of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean to some of the most charming Italian places to visit, there are some of the best Italian islands Italian island that I’m almost certain you’ll love.

Best Italian Islands You Have To Visit (1)

Take a look at some of the best Italian islands you should visit on your next trip.

1.) Ischia

Best Italian Islands You Have To Visit (11)

Perched within the Gulf of Naples, Ischia is a gorgeous volcanic island that’s so charming to visit. You can get to the island directly from Naples by boat and explore this gorgeous place.

Make sure to visit the hydrothermal  Negombo Park, see Aragonese Castle and swim to the Roman ruins that are underwater at Cartaromana Beach.

2.) Procida

Best Italian Islands You Have To Visit (23)

Between Ischia and Naples, Procida is a tiny little island that’s lovely to visit for a day trip.

Once there, head around the island on one of the walking trails that follow the coastline, explore the stunning Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo and head into Il Galeone for the best Napoli pizza on the island.

3.) Elba

Best Italian Islands You Have To Visit (2)

Situated in the Mediterranean between Corsica and Tuscany, Elba is a gorgeous little spot to visit if you’re looking for a little rest and relaxation. Grab the boat from Piombino on the mainland, don’t forget your beach towel and enjoy the beautiful waters.

Some of the best beaches are; Sansone, Laconella and the largest beach in Biodola Bay. You’ll love it.

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4.) Stromboli

Best Italian Islands You Have To Visit (17)

Part of the  Aeolian Islands chain, Stromboli is a volcanic island that’s stunning to see. The volcano itself is still active and can be seen best by boat around to the Sciara del Fuoco which is incredible to see at night.

If you’re feeling extra brave, you can even climb the volcano too – though, you should only do this with a local guide and always listen to expert advice on when and how to climb. It really is one of the best Italian islands for natural wonders.

5.) Lipari

Best Places In Sicily To Visit

I’m pretty sure that Lipari is the largest of the Aeolian…

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