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36 Fun Things To Do In Utah in 2024

36 Fun Things To Do In Utah in 2024

Utah is a state of fun, sun, and stunning scenery. Traditionally known for its five national parks, Utah has spectacular hiking trails and natural attractions. In this guide, we invite you to explore the best things to do in Utah, a state where nature’s artistry meets human adventure and is a land of endless wonder and exploration.

Here, the red-rock vistas of the south blend seamlessly with the snow-capped peaks of the north, creating a canvas that invites awe at every turn. Utah is equally brilliant for those wanting cultural city breaks and small-town getaways. You can visit free museums or funky restaurants when you aren’t in the mountains or national parks. In short, there are hundreds of fun things to do in Utah.

Fun Things to Do in Utah

With great efforts, we’ve managed to whittle down all these hundreds of best things to do in Utah to just 36 top-tier entertainment options. These are the ultimate fun things to do in Utah – the attractions you should build an entire itinerary around. Are you ready for some serious Utah inspiration?

1. Monument Valley

Get ready for another Arizona/Utah border straggler. Monument Valley is technically in Arizona, but it is smack bang on the border and a super scenic drive to reach, so we’ll include it as one of the honorary most fun things to do in Utah. Monument Valley is where that iconic Forest Gump scene was filmed, and you’ll likely recognize it if you’ve watched some old west movies. It is an expanse of desert with craggy buttes, one of which is named after a Hollywood director. Monument Valley is located in the Navajo Nation and is a worthy detour from Utah. Better yet, it is less than 10 minutes over the border. When we say it is close, we really mean it.

Monument Valley is the perfect scenic drive. Stay in southeast Utah and drive down to Monument Valley for a few hours, perhaps indulging in a hike or guided tour. You can then head north to visit the parks, like Arches National Park.

Suggested Tour: Monument Valley Tour led by Navajo Guide

2. Natural Bridge National Monument

If you can, definitely visit Natural Bridges National Monument. This small park is located just under Canyonlands National Park, where you can find three spectacular sandstone bridges. These include Sipapu Bridge, Owachomo Bridge, and Kachina Bridge, and all three are attached via a circular loop on Bridge View Drive. It is one of the most convenient ways to explore a park and is essentially a trail of…

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