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7 Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe

coworking spaces in lisbon

The digital nomad scene has exploded around the world since remote work became mandatory for many during the pandemic. If you’re looking for the best digital nomad cities in Europe, you’re in the right spot.

Quick Answer:
The Best Digital Nomad Cities in Europe:

Today we have countries offering digital nomad visas, coworking spaces popping up like gas stations, annual events geared towards remote workers, and cities chomping at the bit to be the next big digital nomad hot spot.

We’ve lived in Europe on and off for a few years now, and over that time we’ve lived in dozens of digital nomad cities around the continent.

But I didn’t want this to be based on just one or two people’s opinions, so we called on the expertise of our team here at Goats On The Road to build this list. There are over 15 nomadic writers here at Goats On The Road who have lived and traveled around Europe as digital nomads for many lifetimes when combined.

So, I’ve used Dariece and my own experiences, plus those of our team, to narrow down the 7 best cities in Europe for Digital Nomads.

How We Chose The Cities

We’ve narrowed down this list from hundreds of potential cities that we and our team have lived in around Europe. We used pretty strict criteria.

For the city to have made the list, it has to have great internet, a decent digital nomad scene (coworking spaces, conferences, an overall entrepreneurial vibe), have an easy long stay or digital nomad visa program, be well connected with flights (us nomads like to travel), have good weather, a solid mixture of nature and amenities, and good accommodation options. 

You’ll note that I didn’t mention that it has to be cheap.

While there are some great affordable cities on this list, I don’t like the idea that digital nomads are always looking for the cheapest possible places; many of us enjoy some comfort and amenities, and don’t mind paying a bit extra for it.

Not all digital nomads are poor.

So, this list isn’t all about the cheapest places to live! If you want that, there’s a link to a blog post about cheap cities in the description below and we’ll have a video for it as well.

7 Best Cities in Europe For Digital Nomads

Let’s get into the list. After much deliberation, here’s our list of the top 7 best digital nomad cities in Europe:

1. Lisbon, Portugal

  • Population:…

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