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22 Insider Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation

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Where you sleep at night is one of your major fixed travel expenses, so learning how to find cheap accommodation will help you to keep more money in your pocket for spending on all the fun parts of travel!

Fortunately, there are many ways to save on accommodation costs when you travel. For us, traveling with our kids is not always about finding the cheapest deals, but getting the BEST VALUE for our money!

Embrace Resort Staniel Cay

We don’t like to rough it as much as we used too pre-kids, but equally, money doesn’t grow on trees, and we don’t want to be spending a fortune either.

How you travel and spend your dollars is totally up to you, but we all need a place to sleep at night and we may as well get the best accommodation deal as possible.

Which is why we prepared this guide on the best tips and tricks to save money on accommodation, where we’ll be showing our favorite websites and resources to help you find safe, practical and good value for money accommodation.

What is the cheapest form of accommodation?

lone rock campground, Lake Powell
Can’t get much cheaper than a tent (Lone Rock Campground)

When it comes to finding the cheapest accommodation deals, you must first decide what type of accommodation is right for you.

Typically, the cheapest form of accommodation is a hostel, which are mostly catering towards solo travelers and budget travelers looking for a cheap bed for the night.

However, hostels are not for everyone. Your choice of accommodation will depend on your:

  • travel budget
  • travel destination
  • travel style and comfort levels
  • number of companions
  • interests

The style in which we personally travel has evolved from solo travel, to traveling as a couple, to now being a family of four. So our accommodation preferences have changed as well.

Depending on the length of the trip and the destination, we’ll chop and change between accommodation styles.

While a hostel dorm room will most likely be the cheapest type of accommodation no matter where you go, they are not the most suitable for families or couples.

After hostels, you can find cheap hotels, motels and bed and breakfast deals in most destinations.

As a family, if it’s longer than a weekend getaway, we prefer to stay in apartments. They offer several benefits:

  • Access to a full kitchen saves you money by not eating out every night.
  • Separate bedrooms from the living room…

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