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Life-Changing Or Big Mistake? – RVBlogger

5th wheel trailer with 2 kids in front who live in their rv full time

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With full-time RVing soaring in popularity in recent years, a significant question on many people’s minds is, could they do it? Would it be life-changing for them, or would it be the biggest mistake they’d ever make?

They’ve seen all the highlights and fun times on social media and in magazines, but what would it really be like to live in an RV? Could giving up the white-picket-fence dream really be worth it?

Deciding to uproot your life and everything you’ve ever known is a massive decision! Taking the leap to make such a significant change comes with many pros and cons.

No matter whether this is a dream you want to live out, an opportunity you’re getting because of growing remote work opportunities, or you’re feeling forced because of the costly and hostile housing market, everyone comes to their conclusion for different reasons. 

Those different reasons can be a massive part of whether a full-time life is worth it for you or not in the end.

Luckily, I have some experience in this realm and would love to tell you what I know!

Is Full-Time RVing Right For You?

Deciding whether full-time RVing is suitable for you is very much based on each individual, as no two journeys in life are alike.

You could easily be the person to fall in love with full-timing and never want to go back to a traditional life again. On the flip side, you could also be the person who decides after a few months you’d rather pay triple in rent or on a mortgage than stay another second in an RV.

While you might have a concrete decision in your head on which of those two people you’ll be, this life could flip you either way once you try it. 

I started as the second person, and I wanted nothing to do with living in a camper. There was such a stigma around it when we first tossed around the idea of going full-time.

I only wanted a big house with a big yard and to stay there for thirty-plus years. You couldn’t tell me any different. That American dream was exactly what we had worked for, and I wasn’t going to waiver.

But we all surprise ourselves at some point, don’t we? Now, four years later, this has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and my family. You couldn’t pay me to move back…

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