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10 Unmissable Things To Do In Orange, New South Wales

people ordering food at a tent stand

If you’re looking for a destination that’s famous for its gourmet wineries, award-winning restaurants, and picturesque rolling countryside views, then head to the town of Orange in New South Wales.

Despite being a small town of less than 50,000 residents, there are plenty of things to do in Orange.

It’s location in the Central Tablelands, with an altitude of over 863 meters, means its the perfect destination for the great outdoors.

Orange is also known as “Australia’s Colour City,” not just by because of its strange name but because of the vibrant nature colors it exhibits in Autumn, adding another good reason to visit for nature lovers.

Although the town is not named after the citrus fruit. In fact, Orange is noted for its apple orchards. Orange was actually named in honour of Prince William of Orange who became the King of Holland.

But if you’re not sure what to do in Orange NSW, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we share our top attractions and activities to do in the stunning Australian town.

Things To Do In Orange NSW

1. Attend Orange F.O.O.D. Week

wine bottles

You know a town is passionate about food, and really good at it, when the winner of Australia’s MasterChef and local town resident (Kate Bracks) has a stall at the Night Markets.

What brought us to put Orange on the list of places to visit on our trip through country NSW was its growing reputation for fine food AND wine.

One of our favourite pleasures of travelling is to taste the local produce, and it seems with any good food producing region you usually can find great wines.

We’d timed our trip perfectly as we arrived in town during Orange F.O.O.D. Week (Food Of Orange District).

This annual event is held over 10 days in April which showcases the local produce, the local chefs and restaurants.

Hungry after our afternoon drive in from a day at Dubbo Zoo, we joined hundreds of others at the huge Night Market all eager to sample the regions best produce.

Night Markets - Orange, NSW, Australia

crowd of people in a park

Picturesque Robertson Park played host with over 40 stalls offering a range of dishes, and with communal tables set up under the trees there was a real community spirit.

‘Wine barrel’ bars were spaced out for those sampling the wines, and the local entertainment provided some background music and a lovely country atmosphere.

crowd of people standing in a tent

a band playing on a stage

It was a fun festival atmosphere as we made our way around tasting various cheeses, breads, curries, fruits, desserts, and of course some wine and beer.

people ordering food at a store

people sitting on chairs eating food