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Plane passenger furious after woman uses flashing charger on night flight

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Turbulence, cramped spaces, babies crying… getting to sleep on a long flight can be hard enough at the best of times. But one unfortunate passenger has shared how they suffered through their journey with a multicoloured light show, courtesy of an inconsiderate neighbour.

In a post on Reddit that has received more than 77,000 ‘upvotes’, a user going by the name Tsitsifly22 shared a clip which shows a fellow passenger with a wire plugged into the seat’s USB charger port.

It’s not a standard wire, however: it’s a kaleidoscopic, technicolour flashing wire, throwing light into the darkened cabin.

The flight was a red-eye service between Miami, Florida, to Seattle, Washington, according to the user, lasting more than six hours – although it’s not clear how much of that the infuriating light was flashing for.

The caption simply reads: “Who does this?”.

There are thousands of comments on the Reddit thread, which was posted on the “Mildly Infuriating” channel.

“That’s horrendous. I’m surprised the flight attendant didn’t say anything,” reads one, while another said: “My blood is boiling on your behalf.”

The top-rated commented reads: “Some people are literally the inverse to social anxiety and it really shows.”

In a reference to a recent incident aboard a US plane, one comment said: “You’re the one that depressurized that Alaska Air flight, weren’t you?”

Some comments raised concerns that this wire could be problematic to those with epilepsy, while others questioned why the original poster didn’t question the passenger.

“Did you say anything to her? Did anyone say anything to her? That’s why she thinks it’s OK to do s*** like this,” a user asked.

The original poster shared how they made it through the journey: “I just wore my hood up and over my head and endured – the upright seat was more annoying to me anyhow.”

Though they added that, in hindsight, “maybe I should have offered up my white charger.”

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