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Thailand Uncovered: An Insider’s Guide

Thailand Uncovered: An Insider’s Guide

Discover the real Thailand with our destination expert Kyle Abrell, who spent several years in the country living like a local and traveling like one too.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a wondrous and beautiful place which has a wealth of opportunities for travelers from every walk of life. As a former expat of the country, it holds a special place in my heart. You can expect top-notch hospitality, beautiful wildlife and nature, bustling markets, and world class beaches and resorts.

Buzzing Bangkok

In Bangkok, the Thai capital, walk amongst the glistening temples and ancient palaces that coexist with a modern, developed city that has all of the amenities one could ask for. A major highlight of Bangkok is its renowned street food scene. Michelin stars have been awarded to several street vendors, which is a unique accolade for this type of dining experience. We can guide you through these narrow streets on our evening food tour, which also lets you experience the traditional taxi- a tuk tuk. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!

Cultural Crossroads at Chiang Mai

The capital of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, is another must-see. The city is at the cultural crossroads of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. This means that you will notice variations in the culture of the hill tribes as well as the area’s cuisine.

I personally enjoyed experiencing the elephant sanctuaries, which is highly recommended when traveling to this region. These animals have mostly been rescued from abuse in all parts of the world and have returned to their natural habitats in the jungles. Here, you can help feed and learn about the elephants. If you are willing, you can take a nice mud bath with them as well!

Thailand Uncovered: An Insider’s Guide

Beach Bliss in Krabi

Thailand boasts some of the world’s best beaches, but Railay Beach in Krabi stands out.

Heading down south, my favorite beach in all of Thailand is Railay Beach, located just off the Krabi mainland. This magical strip of land is only accessible by boat, and once the sun sets, you feel as if you have the place to yourself. My most memorable experience was a nature hike down to the Blue Lagoon, and for the more adventurous, the area boasts some of the best rock climbing in Southeast Asia.

I also highly recommend the Rayavadee resort here, which features unique two story villas dotted throughout the jungle. An awesome bonus is access to The Grotto restaurant, which is exclusively for guests staying at the resort….

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